Tuesday, July 28, 2015

How To Build A New Look

I’m the type of person that gets bored really easy; which has led me to being really fluid. Every now and then, my boredom leads me to an overhall. No matter how much I love my clothes, jewelry, makeup, hair- I need a new look. I spent four years in fashion school, I know how to buy clothes I like- But when it comes to getting  a new wardrobe- things can get daunting. For me, when I’m buying a new wardrobe- I’m actually changing my style.  I like the *shock* factor (people looking at me and going “Woah! You look so different!”) so I never do anything slowly.

So, I decided to look around the internet to find some help on changing your style/look. I was very disappointed in what I found. All anyone tells you is
·         Buy re-mixable pieces
·         Know your style
·         Try things on
·         Buy pieces you love

*Sigh*  I’m getting really sick of “ How-to’s” that are zero help- So I decided to go through and make my own guide from a fashion trained girl who likes to change who she is

When I was 13-15 I was big into vintage inspired eclectic clothes (long, drapey sleeves, deep necklines and uneven hems)

When I was  about 16, I went through a overhall. Skulls,  ties, bows, pink and black, ripped up clothes, safety pins, mesh, sharpie/paint splatter

Then at 18, I had a horrible breakup, and my style changed again. This time I was more into party  girl styles- sequins, dark/edgy lace, zippers, lots of black

Recently, I went shopping. I had found pictures on pinterest that I liked- and I went in search of clothes like that. The result was a sophisticated, feminine and adult style. I remember looking in the mirror on the way to work and saying to myself “Wow, who is that?” That’s how I want my clothes to make me feel.

Step One: Identify What You Want to Become

  • Who is it you want to be? What is the new style you are after? 
  • Create a style board of looks you like on Pinterest. Don't worry about any "rules" yet.  If you like it, pin it
  • Scroll through your board. What do you see? Don't look at individual outfits just yet. If these clothes belonged to one person- what would you define their style as? Vintage, goth, retro, trendy, feminine, athletic ?

  • Look up your favorite celebrity What clothes do they wear that you love? Are there items you wish you had/could pull off? give em a try (at least try them on at the store. If they look bad- don't buy them and no one ever has to know. If they look awesome....well, everyone will be jealous and think you're ballsy

    • Step Two:Shop Your Closet
      • open your closet. What do you see? How would describe the style of the owner of those clothes? What it the style of that person?
      • make a positive or negative list of the styles
      • Take everything out of your closet. Separate it into three pile love,  meh, nuetral
      • Put together your favorite outfits. Now identify WHY it's your favorite. Do you like the way it looks, the color, the fit, the style?  
      • What item makes it your favorite? The shoes, top, bottoms, etc
      • Put together your favorite outfits- now change one thing. Change the shoes, jewelry or the bottoms.
      • Make a pile of things you don't like or that don't fit
      • Before getting rid of them- analyze what you don't like. Try to belt it, tie it, tuck it, wear it with something new, add a cardigan or different accessories, maybe you just need something that goes with it. Sometimes we are simply bored with a piece- and certain issues (like fit) can be fixed easily.If you still don't like it, get rid of it.
      • Take pieces you have never worn together and mix and match
      • make an inspiration board by taking pictures of yourself in a variety of different outfits and looks. Dress up and down different looks- and then hang the pictures in your closet. When you are in a hurry- it's really nice to have a reference
      • Have a friend come over and act as a personal stylist. Let them dress you. They may come up with combos you never thought of
      • Get rid of your old comfortable _____. You are more likely to default to your worn out comfy tee, then put on something glamorous. I have an areopostal shirt I got when i was 12 as a Christmas present. It was edgy and comfy- and I kept it till I was 22, and it was holey (in bad places) . Get rid of it- this will force you to wear other things

      Step Three: Get To Know Yourself
      To avoid major fashion mistakes, or purchases you regret- you need to have a solid grasp of yourself and what you are looking for. Maybe you want vintage items, trendy items, girly items, goth items. DO NOT run out and buy a bunch of those items. This part will require Shopping ....*erhm*..I mean..."Research"
      • Look at yourself in a mirror- and try to identify what your body type is. Grab a measuring tape if you need to.
      • Before shopping, do your hair and makeup in your favorite way, put on your favorite outfit and shoes. This will make you feel better about yourself. Also, if an item doesn't look great while you're at your BEST- it's not going to look good when you're in hurry to get out the door, your hair is wet, and makeup just isn't happening.
      •  Get a bunch of camisoles or under shirts in every color under the sun and try them  on (no need to buy them). Take notes on how each color looks on you and  how it changes you appearance (For example: I can't wear hot pink, bright or sky blues, yellows,oranges, or neons. All of these make my skin look off. I also can't wear colors that are similar to my hair color. I DO look good in mint, coral, soft pinks, navy, cream, white, olive,black and burgundy) This will help you identify your personal colors, and keep you from making expensive mistakes on clothes you will never wear.
      • Try something that scares you. For me, it was candy colored jeans. Now, I wear them with everything. Maybe it's a glittery jacket, skirts, a new color, scarves, or a new shoe style. Try these things while you are shopping- and wear them with a variety of things (If you want candy colored jeans, try on some pairs with a variety of tops that you like.), this will help you be sure that you can actually WEAR them; and that they will interrogate into your wardrobe well

    • Go through your pinterest board identify items and colors that crop up a lot- and go try them on. How do they fit? do they look good on your body? If not, skip them. No matter how trendy/iconic/cute they are, if it doesn't look great on you- you won't wear it. (For example, peplums, batwings, and bubble skirts are all no-nos for me) Knowing what does and doesn't work for your body will not only keep you from making costly mistakes- but will also save you time next time you need to shop.  

      • Take those items that you like- and try them on  with some other pieces
      Make Your New Look
      • Now that you know what looks good on you, re-evaluate your pinterest board. Find two-four outfits you really love. Can you create them from things you already have? What pieces do you need to make that look? Are those pieces re-mixable (can you wear them with lots of different tops/bottoms, can you belt/tie/tuck it, can you pair it with several different styles/colors  of shoes, can you mix it with a blazer/caridagan/moto jacket)
      • Make it yours. I like being unique and wearing things other people don't. Try taking thing you love from other generes (like how I was edgy with hippie braids and jewelry, feminine nails, goth spikes, etc) or take items from other decades (leg warmers from the 80s, hair from the 50's, sunglasses from the 60's etc)
      • Get bold accessories that AREN'T shoes or a bag
      • Buy a bold, unique bag
      • mix up your shoe style. Buy some attention grabbing shoes that go with most of your wardrobe
      • Dye your hair (remember- bold colors mean that you need to look pulled together ALL THE TIME in order to pull it off. Messy brown hair with no make up, sweats, a frumpy tee and sneakers is one thing; but change that to hot pink hair; and now you look unkempt and gross. Having a bold hair color will make you look worse- so you need to be polished if you want to pull it off. Also research how much  upkeep the color will need...Oh, and keep in mind your clothing colors (If all your clothes are neon pink, don't dye your hair all pink, etc))
      • Get a haircut. This is always an awesome idea. You can also do this instead of a dye, if you want a more subtle look
      • If you aren't sure what to do with your hair- ask around and find a great stylist. Dress up in an outfit that optimizes the look you are going for. Go to the stylist and tell them you want something (feminine, goth, athletic, etc) They can probably help you. Just be SURE you are all on the same page before ANYTHING happens!
      • Try a new nail color/style
      • have your make up done professionally
      • For me, I commit fully to my new look. Anything that I can't wear with my new style, or that doesn't fit what I'm trying to achieve- I get rid of. This gives me the "Whole new person" feel
      • Before you take off ANY price tags from new items- put on you favorite skirt/jeans and shoes and try it out with the new tops. If it doesn't rock your world while you're in your favorite clothes; you won't like it with flats and boyfriend jeans. Do the same with  pants/ skirts and any accessories. Make a pile of  stuff to take back (if necessary) 

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