Sunday, August 16, 2015


As Always with the Taboo Files, the contents of this post are meant for adults and are of a sensitive nature. They are meant for educational purposes, for those who could use some guidance. If you are easily offended or embarrassed, please check out another post. Rude, hurtful, or degrading comments will not be approved, so please don't bother to leave them.

LONG before you get pregnant, you should have a gynecologist. A lot of strict religious families don't encourage women's health, because why would their daughter need to have her vagina looked at it? She isn't having sex, she isn't having a baby, she doesn't need birth control. The End. I grew up with a vaginal disease and I never even knew it.

Because I was going to be getting married, I decided to find a gynecologist so I could  get a check up and get some birth control. When I  went in, she told me that I had a tilted uterus, that I actually had a tail (my tail bone extended down to far and would break upon child birth), that I had a disease where my vagina did not create enough moisture to keep it healthy- which is why I struggle with it burning and itching so much, and that I had scoliosis. Yes, I have been to dozens of doctors for all sorts of problems and my gynecologist managed to catch two big problems that aren't even related to my vagina. Having a feminine health care specialistyou trust and like is really important because there are a lot of things that can go wrong. You can get UTI's, Yeast Infections, cancers, STD, HIV, and of course- when you get pregnant, it's nice to already have someone in your corner.

Shortly after getting married, I started having a lot of pain when urinating, my urine changed colors, and it smelled different- like food. I've never been a fan of web diagnosing, I wasn't pregnant, and I wasn't really comfortable calling my mom or my friends- so I went to my gynecologist. Her first questions were: "Have you had an increase in: Sexual Activity, Swimming, Hot Tubbing or taking baths?" my response was "Well, I just got off my honeymoon- so yes to all." turns out that all of those activities can lead to UTI

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