Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Frustrated Bride- Top Frustrations I Encountered during the wedding process

1. Nosy/ oppinionated coworkers/people in general
2. Registering
3.Sending out Shower invites with the wrong dates
4. Having poor shower attendance (total of nine people showed up to my work shower. Of all my friends I invited- one came.)
5.Having people give me gifts not on my registry
6. Having said gifts be ugly as sin, and having no way to return them.
7. People expecting you to ask them for help instead of offering
8. Everyone going on trips and leaving you alone before big events (My parents, MIL, and Fiance were all out of town for my bridals and my first bridal shower)
9. unsolicited opinions from people you have never met on how your wedding should be, and how you should live your life (see wedding drama soap box for that story)

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