Sunday, June 8, 2014

How I Got What I Wanted- When What I Wanted Was Over Budget

As I was planning my wedding, I had several visions for the aesthetics. There were definitely things that I fell irrevocably in love with. Exhibit A: Butter Mints. In Jake's family, after a meal you have gum or some sort of mint; that's just how it is. So I kind of wanted to provide some. Then I saw pictures like this one, and was overwhelmed by the image of beautiful, tasty pastel mints tucked into jars. The Problem: To buy enough mints was around $86. I could have pre boxed them- but then my desired affect is gone.
The Fix: I made all my mints. Does that sound insane? Guess what, I fell in love with making butter mints. They are so simple and so tasty and I can whip up a batch in just a couple minutes- and the ingredients are simple: Powder sugar, salted butter, cream, mint extract, butter flavor, almond extract, food coloring. Now the original recipe doesn't call for butter flavor or almond extract. I use butter flavoring because when you set the mints out to dry, if they have too much butter (oil that  can't evaporate) in them, they will stay soft (and while yummy, they will mush and make a mess). In order to get harder mints, I scaled down on the butter- but then I lost that delicious buttery richness. I use the butter flavor to get that taste, while still getting dryer mints.
the almond extract, I find, makes the mints taste richer and sweeter and really helps the mint flavor to pop. Once I saw the ingredients, there was no way I was going to pay anyone $86 for powder sugar and butter. I was worried it might be hard, because I've never made candy- but small children could do this.

French macaroonsExhibit B: French macaroons. They are just so stunning and breath takingly gorgeous. They serve as a dessert and a centerpiece.  The problem: French macaroons cost about $1.75 A PIECE at the store. Even going through my special discounted connection, the were still $.50 a piece. My caterer said I could use them as my favors and put a cookie in a take away box- that way they'd only cost around $88.5 My issue with this though was that A: I have never eaten a french macaroon. They could be nasty. I was buying them for the glamour; because my girly girl, fancy sparkly elegance seeking heart wanted this ===>
If I boxed up individual macaroons, I wouldn't be able to have a beautiful tower like this, and if I'm not getting the look I want, why even bother? B. Each person gets one cookie. That feels SO chintzy cheap to me. I hate chintzy cheap. I hate cheapskate brides- and here's my big thing: You know something is out of your budget when you can barely scrape by. I can't ACTUALLY afford this beautiful concept and pretending I can by buying everyone ONE measly cookie just cheapens up everything and makes me look bad and poor. It's not classy. I'm a classy Bride. Oppulance is how you create the illusion of wealth

The Fix: I was pretty devastated and wasn't happy about letting my vision go, but I knew the macaroons weren't in my budget, so I began to search pinterest for different ideas and I somehow stumbled on this GEM.

So the picture on the left is the coveted french macaroons, but the picture on the right? Chocolate dipped oreos. Oh yes! Something that I can guarantee will taste yummy,  is beautiful, gives me the look I want and best of all- that I can afford!! Enough cookies for every guest to have three (3!!) would cost me around $60....Yeah, that I can do. I mean sure, it will take a lot more effort- but you know all your bridesmaids, friends, neighbors, aunts, cousins,mom's friends (etc) that keep asking if you need any help or is theres anything they can do? Have an oreo dipping party. Have them dip a thousand oreos for you or with you.

Tulle garter with sparklesExhibit C: The Garter. I'm a glam girl- I can't help it; I was born with glitter in my veins. I have always found traditional garters to be ugly, plain and chintzy looking. I was actually planning on kiboshing the whole thing when I saw this picture on pinterest . I was stunned by its beauty and elegance. I wanted one....(The Problem:)Until I saw how much these go for. For something like this, you will easily pay $42 or more. Yikes.
The Fix: I made my own. I bought tulle in the color I wanted, a diamante (the center jewel) some chain, and elastic and found a friend who knew how to sew.

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