Friday, June 6, 2014

Bachelorette Activities That Are Actually Kind of Cool

Bachelorette party game. Wedding night lingerie for the groom. Buy some fabric pens or sharpies and a package of tighty whities and tell the party guests to design some sexy wedding night undergarments for the groom to sport for the bride. Have the bride pick a favorite and give the winner a door prize. Omg Hilarious.Fashion Designer: This one totally cracked me up. Basically you buy a bunch of sharpies and a pack of tighty whities. Everyone designs "sexy lingerie" for the groom. At the end, the bride judges them and the creator of her favorite gets a prize. We played this at my party and it was SO FUN. I got weird looks and rude comments from my friend's sister (but she's kind of a brat anyway)- but we had fun. My friend's used colored sharpies, glue, glitter, and even lipstick and we laughed so much and had such a great time.

Sex pot- but a little different. Have this at the bachelorette party so guests can write down adviceSex Pot: Not really a game, but something I want to do. Provide guests with peices of paper and pens and have them write down sexual tips and advice for the bride- then place in the pot for her to read later.

Shower Panty Game: Each bachelorette guest was asked to bring a pair of panties that reflects her style and/or personality.  One by one, the bachelorette removes each pair from the line and tries to match it with the party-goer. Incorrect guesses called for consequences, a jell-o shot. Each pair of panties is the bachelorettes to keep!Panty Game: Each guest brings a pair of new panties that either describes them/ will remind the bride of them. The bride goes through and tries to guess who brought what. Anyone she doesn't guess gets a prize

Kiss the Miss Goodbye

Kisses for the Mrs. As a memento of the night, get a frame with a white matt. Have all the attendees kiss the frame with bright lipstick- then take a picture of everyone to go in the frame.

Memory Lane: Everyone writes down their favorite or best memory with the bride, then puts them in a hat. They are then drawn out by the bride and read outload while guests try to guess who did what with the bride

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