Friday, June 6, 2014

My Wedding "To Do" List

Obviously not all of these will apply to everyone- but here is a list, in no particular order, off all the things I need to do to prep for my wedding.

Go ring Shopping
Buy Napkins
Make appointment with ob/gyn
Make center pieces
buy lanterns
buy flowers
buy arch
buy bouquet
finish boutonnieres and corsages
fix veil
finalize menu
set up engagement photo appointment
make guest list
get passport
choose cake
Make registries
get gift card holder
find someone to make cake
get puzzle made
find suit/tux for Jake
buy Jake's ring
book temple
Take invite to post office to check price
book church
address envelopes
send out invites
get invites printed
make invites
buy stamps
buy address labels
get prints for invites
find location for bridals
find photographer for bridals
find photographer for engagements
find photographer for wedding
print labels
dye hair
find shoes
do nails
find veil
set appointment for bridals
make signs
talk to neighbors about helping
look for mints
take pictures of how set ups should look/ write instructions
create list of items that need to go and (more importantly) come home
Make list of people for Jake to contact
make list for MiL to contact
make utensil rolls
Coordinate plans with helpers
compile all instructions and details
call M. about cake
Ask people to look for mints at stores
Have Jake round up last minute invitees
call people about decorations I'm borrowing
Make list of people to call instead of me
Find bachelorette photographer
Make appointment with bishop
find out postage to foreign countries
Take Jake's measurements for suit alterations
Buy dishes, utensils and napkins
buy waxing kit and try waxing
make butter mints
make appointment with stake president
apply for marriage licence
Take out endowment
look into buying more tulle
paint folding curtains
look for Christmas lights
do boudoir photos
Take bridal, bachelorette, and engagement pictures to be printed
Call wedding photographer
Call carriage driver
call gyno about bc
make wedding emergency kit
Get temple dress and accessories
buy wedding dress
make garter
hem Jake's pants
finish invites
Talk to coordinator
look for wedding band
buy tulle
buy punch fountain
buy cake platters
find picture frames
meet with caterer

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