Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tangle Tamer Max

Since growing my hair out, and getting rid of my extensions, I've been getting really bad knot/tangles in the back/underside of my hair, right next to my neck. I work at a daycare- and so I see a lot of infomercials. One infomercial I saw was for a detangler brush. I wanted one, but wasn't super excited about ordering it off the T.V.  so instead I decided to check out my local beauty supply store- Sally's.

I found a couple tangle brushes, and decided to go for the cheaper one, which was $9.99
At first I really liked the brush, because it did get the tangles out, and it did make my hair smooth, and I was getting a whole lot less hair left in the brush than with my boar bristle- but...then I started to notice that whenever I would brush my hair, the surface directly under the brush was covered with tiny little pieces of hair. The brush was actually breaking my hair. After a few weeks worth of use, I noticed that my hair was getting shorter!! This freaked me out, since I try to take good care of my hair, and I'm trying to get it longer. Because of this, I avoid using the brush. I'll sometimes use it if I have a bad snarl, or if I need to brush my hair when it's wet (I try to NEVER do that, but sometimes I have to).

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