Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wardrobe on a budget

So the other day, I had some one tell me that they loved my wardrobe/style, and that my clothes were always so cute. I've had several people tell me they wished they had the money to spend on clothes like I did; and once had a guy try to sell me a $200 nail buffer on the precis that "You obviously care how you look, you spend tons of money on your clothes." at that point I smiled and as I gestured to my outfit, I said, "This whole thing probably cost me fifteen bucks max, including jewelry and shoes." So, I've decided to write a post on getting a killer wardrobe on a tiny budget. For anyone who doesn't know me, I competed in the fashion portion of DECA, took a few college courses on fashion merchandising, and some in fashion strategies. I am really big into fashion design, and anyone who knows me well or has worked with me knows I like to tinker, design and create- so, because of my background, I am not only picky with my clothes, but I already know what colors/fabrics/styles look good on me and which ones are not so flattering. In order to maximize your "wearable wardrobe" you may want to spend some time researching what different textures/colors/patterns/fabrics achieve in the fashion world and why, and then decided what you want from your clothes. Do you want them to make you look thinner, taller, shorter, wider, make your bust appear larger, your butt smaller, make you seem relaxed or formal, etc. (I may post tips on this later). Sometimes I have a vision for the things I buy, and have plans to deconstruct and reconstruct them into something new, other times, I plan to wear it as is.. So with that little disclaimer, here we go! My top shopping places:

Walmart: Yes, yes I know! For a lot of people this sounds totally redneck and white trash, BUT, you can find some super cute clothes at Walmart. I usually won't pay ten bucks for a t-shirt, and anyone who has shopped at Walmart knows their prices can be just as high as name brand stores, so I wait. If I see something at Walmart I like, I keep an eye on it, and wait until it goes on clearance. Then I wait till the price is right.

Gordman's: This store recently opened up near me and I love love love it!! First off, all their merchandise is already cheaper than other comparable stores (they show you how much you are saving on the price tag), and then to maximize my savings, I shop at the clearance racks. They have tons of cute clothes, often up to half off! And then!! (yes, it does get better than 50% off!) They frequently have deals where you take anywhere from 30-50% off the clearance prices! My mom got a pair of jeans for $4 there once, and the last time I went I spent about $86. At full price, I would have spent closer to $247

Rue 21: I LOVE this store. Now, Rue 21, like most comparable stores, can be rather expensive, so the trick is to spot the deals. for example, their fragrances are a good investment. I prefer to stick with the clearance racks, because there is always such a good selection. Every time I go in, new stuff has been added to the clearance rack. I buy a lot of shoes from the clearance racks because they are SO cheap and so cool. Often, I can get shoes anywhere from $2-$5 and clothes from $3-$5

Plato's Closet: I like this place, but I don't shop here as much because the prices/savings can be a little unpredictable. One pair of jeans will be $3, and another will be $80- but there are some things I definitely look for here; For example dresses, jewelry and belts. I've also gotten some pretty good deals on tops, paying only $1-$3 dollars for them. Keep an eye out for their clearance events too! They charge you ten dollars for a bag, and you stuff your bag as full as you can with clearance items! big savings! Also, these clothes are used. They say they check everything over, but sometimes things slip buy. I've gotten a few things that I realized later were damaged/torn- so buy with caution.

The D.I.: On that same note, one of my favorite places to shop is the DI. here is my disclaimer: Every DI is different. The area I live in is a wealthy one, and so a lot of nice things get donated to the D.I. but if you live in a poorer area, your D.I. might not be as nice. I know a lot of people think it's gross to wear someones old clothes, but I just wash mine when I get home, and it doesn't bother me, because I save so much. There are usually lots of name brand stuff at my DI- from Areopostal, American Eagle, Wet Seal, Polo, Rue 21 and more. Below is a diagram of my most recent purchase from DI

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