Saturday, May 25, 2013

Two For The Dough- Janet Evanovich

     I have to say that I'm getting more into these books the more I read them. While the plot of the second one is very similar to the plot of the first (and the third, for that matter), I don't feel like it detracts from the quality of the story, or the plot line. I actually feel like it makes the character Stephanie Plum more believable in her role in the story.  Like the first, this book is very funny, and sassy and sexy. It's something I thoroughly enjoy reading because Stephanie Plum feels like a real woman. She has real problems and bad hair days and attachments to weird things, she's a total klutz, who has a whole lot of determination. She has a crazy, nosy family that she loves anyway, a favorite football team, bad luck with cars, color preferences, and spends a great deal of time in sweatpants, eating junk food. It's not like other books, where the heroine is perfect and polished and you can't relate because she's some super-smart, gorgeous super model complete with a PhD.
     I love how Stephanie quickly becomes someone who you actually connect to, and aspire to be like. She is like a witty, sassy, and dogged imaginary friend.
The stories are quick, and somehow manage to be twisted enough that the plot becomes complicated and enthralling.

Rating: 4/5 R

Profanity, Murder, Blackmail, Sexual Reference, Innuendos, Sex Scenes, Abuse, Violence

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