Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stephanie Plum novels- Janet Evanovich

I'm currently on the 16th (technically the 20th, if you include the between the numbers books) book of the Stephanie Plum series. I'm still reading them, and I'm going through them pretty fast, but they have started to irk me.
The first problem I have is that all the books are the same. Stephanie goes after a skip, fails miserably, gets involved in something nasty, ruins some cars, someone tries to kill her, she is miraculously rescued by either Morelli or Ranger, or both. The books no longer feel realistic. Supposedly Stephanie has been a bounty hunter for a few years now, but she hasn't improved one iota. she is still completely helpless and incompetent, and yet some how, she isn't dead yet either. Nothing has changed at all, there hasn't been any change in her relationship with Ranger or Morelli, despite several years passing. It feels like those kid cartoons where no one ever gets any older.

The on-again-off again thing with Morelli has gotten really old, as has her clumsy ditsy damsel in distress thing. There needs to be some plot twists, something unexpected that will change up the game. Some times Evanovich introduces things and I get all excited, but it always turns out to be a false alarm.

The second big issue is it really bothers me how Morelli treats Stephanie. This is my biggest issue with these kind of books/movies. If the girl is upset about something, the guy always blows her off, makes a joke or something about it, and she just has to deal. He yells at her, treats her like crap, but she's in the wrong. They never actually have a fight where he feels bad. The men are always in the right. That to me feels like the book is trying to send a message that in the "perfect" relationship this is how things should be. This is "normal", and your guy should treat you this way. I hate that.

I still enjoy the books, I'm still reading them, and I still find them hilarious; but it's kind of one of those "once you've read one, you've read them all" books.

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