Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pedicure and Acrylic Nails

Work has been crazy. I work seven days a week, 8 hours Monday-Friday and 6 hours Saturday-Sunday. I make decent money, which has been nice (more on what I've been doing with my money later); but I've also lost a great deal of my social life and simply have no time for anything. I pretty much sleep with my free time.
    So today, one of my friends and myself (and her niece) decided to have some girl time and so we did something that I hadn't had done before.
     We went to a nail place that my friend had been told about. I walked in and was instantly leery. It was kind of a dive. it was run down, had very limited selection, and reeked of chemicals. I've read/heard that you want to avoid salons that smell highly of chemicals because you're more likely to get infections and such from them. So I turned around and walked out (the people weren't very happy, but I didn't really care. My health is more important. So, instead we went to a place called Tiffany's Nails & Spa. I'd been there once with a different friend to get our eyebrows done, and so I new that it was clean, open, had fresh air, and the people were nice (and the prices were reasonable).
         My friend and I decided on pedicure& acrylic nails. The pedicure was awesome. No joke. They did such an amazing job, and it felt so good. I really loved the hot rock treatment and the massage chair. When I got my acrylic nails on, they didn't have the color i wanted, so the lady threw in free embellishments, which I thought was pretty awesome.

I totally plan on doing this more often! I felt so relaxed and the foot massage I got with my pedicure felt awesome after standing on my feet all day at work

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