Sunday, April 21, 2013

I Can See You- Karen Rose

I have Recently been trying to expand my horizons when it comes to reading. Normally, I stick to the classics, Mary Higgins Clark, and the occasional "trend" novel (Harry Potter- which I loved, Twilight- which I didn't...I also fully intend to read Hunger Games). So, what I've been doing recently is going into stores, finding book titles that sound good, reading the first page or so of the book, and if I find it interesting, I buy it. This has resulted in some pretty interesting reads, some good experiences, and a lot of books I normally wouldn't have read.
      Today's book was a book I bought at The dollar Store. Yes, you read that right. The DOLLAR STORE. You would expect it to be terrible quality, flimsy, lame, etc...but. This was a hard bound novel that is well constructed and is 480 pages long, complete with dust cover. All for one dollar. Impressive.

       I had personally never heard of Karen Rose, or for that matter, this book, so I had no idea to expect. What I discovered was a very well written murder mystery with very well planned out twists, and well developed characters. Karen kept me guessing the whole time, and the book was so intense and enthralling that I momentarily considered calling in sick to work so that I could finish it (after I stayed up till 4 am reading it the previous night). My only real problem was that towards the end, it suddenly turned into one of those trashy romance novels you secretly read in junior high, and guiltily stashed in your locker so your parents wouldn't find it..which I thought was a real shame. It kind of diminished the power and intensity of the novel and seemed out of place and really brought down my mood.
Otherwise, I highly recommend this novel. It was very cheap, but a good and thrilling read that was engaging, challenging, and yet fun, fast paced and very tangled. I was also surprised by the fact that this author was willing to let so many characters die. Usually authors always save most of their characters, only sacrificing one or two- so I was impressed with her follow through.

Rating: 3/5  PG-13.  Violence, Gore, Death, Suicide, Murder, Sexual References, Sex Scenes, Language, Drugs, Trauma, Rape, Serial Killings, Abuse, Mind Games.

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