Monday, April 1, 2013

Laptop Make Over

Every one knows that I've recently become obsessed with glitter. The other day, I decided my laptop was boring, so like everything else, I decided to smother it with pink glitter.
My phone takes terrible pictures >.< anyway, my laptop is black with a subtle hint of sparkle. First I removed the little owls from the corners, then I used a Wipe n' Clear wipe to get all the oils and residue off my surface.
after that I used the same two nail polishes I used in Glam Keys and Glitter Charger , I mixed them together, grabbed a brush and began to pain the sparkles on. I was almost out of nail polish at this point, so I went with a jagged design so that I could add more later.

I let this dry for about an hour. I did not add a clear coat, since I intend to buy more nail polish and finish glamming it up.

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