Saturday, March 2, 2013

Glitter Phone Charger

I have a very glitzy glam personality and taste. I like things to be elegant, and I like them to sparkle. I'm helplessly drawn to anything that sparkles or is doused in glitter. In my pinterest excursions, I've seen a few pins that lead to sites where you can buy glittery iPhone chargers,  however this had some problems.
1. I already have a perfectly good charger that works just fine
2.I don't have an iPhone.
 Recently I've been trying to force myself to work on more projects, and so I decided that this was a perfect DIY opportunity.
First, I took my plain charger and wiped it down with a damp cloth to remove any oils. I know a lot of tutorials glitterfy stuff by using a mixture of modgepodge and loose glitter; but I didn't feel like dealing with that mess, and I'm impatient and didn't want to wait for the modgepodge to dry.
My solution to this was nail polish. Because of my job I can't have my nails painted, so I instead use my nail polishes to paint things ( I used this same technique to paint my phone, which matches the charger). For this project I used a silver  nail polish with big chunks of holographic/prismatic glitter, and a pink polish with very fine glitter. I mixed the two together, and then using a paint brush, began to paint my charger.
This took several coats, but I did find that you don't really need to let it dry inbetween coats. The picture I show here is a thin layer, which I only did on the first coat, after that I slathered it on a little thicker, until all the white space is covered.
                   On my charger you can see that most of it is white, with a little gray rim around the bottom. I only painted the white part pink. The gray part I painted with the same chunky silver, mixed with a metalic silver polish with extremely fine glitter. That took several coats to look glitzy enough.
I painted the whole thing at one time- so in order to hold it without smudging the paint, I stuck the prongs of the plug through the bottom of an upside down styrofoam cup. This kept the charger upright, smudge-free, and made drying and painting much easier.
       When the paint was dry, I took a clear nailpolish that had some pretty prismatic sparkles in it, and used that as my top coat/ seal. This added a little extra sparkle, and will keep the bright, shiny "wet look" of the freshly applied glitter polish. I let the whole thing dry for a few hours, and tada!

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