Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Today, a friend of mine invited me to a Japanese restraunt called Mikado. While we were there, she decided she wanted to order sushi. Not only have I never had sushi, but I hate fish; however, I was determined to be brave and try something new, so we cruised through the sushi menu.
Yes, that is a sushi called "On Death" and it is filled with death sauce.....doesn't that make you want to eat it? ew. it filled my mind with so many gross thoughts....Anyway, the sushi we ended up choosing was called summer splash or something cheery like that, and looked really pretty.

, It was a lettuce wrap (neither of us like seaweed) with rice, cilantro, crunchy noodles, and crab salad, topped with spicy mango sauce, salmon and chunks of mangos and strawberries. It was actually very tasty, though the part of me that knew it was fish didn't want to swallow. 
The waiter was really cute, and he kept flirting with us. He tried to give us drinks on the house, and kept coming over to talk with us. We spent like 2 hours in there eating and talking. It was a good time.

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