Sunday, February 10, 2013

Make your home weight-loss friendly

Use brighter lights- Dim lights make food look more appatizing, which will encourage you to binge or eat more

 Listen to music- Music may help curb stress-related eating. If you have a certain song or CD that you know calms you down, keep it on hand, and play it when you are depressed or eating.

2. Go blue- Avoid using  red, yellow, and orange colors in the kitchen and dining areas, including in the paint; these colors inhance hunger and encourage eating. You don't have to paint your walls blue but using blue silverware, plates, napkins, or place mats will give you the same non-hungry effect.
You can also use blue lights in your kitchen or dining room. Blue lights make food look less appealing, while warmer colors, especially yellow, have the opposite effect.

3. Downsize - You are more likely to over eat if you have large dinner plates. This is because people have a tendency to want to fill their plates- and according to extensive diet research, people eat what's put on their plates--even if it's more than they need to satisfy their hunger.  buying smaller dishes for your home will help you eat less and practice better portion control. The same logic can be applied to cups/glasses

4. Stay out of the kitchen- Being in the kitchen puts you around food, which increases your likelihood of eating. .

5. Spray jasmine around the house -Peppermint or jasmine scents have been linked to increased energy and alertness. Burn a candle or spray the scent around your home to help boost your energy.

7. Keep simple workout equipment around the house. -Having dumbbells or a yoga mat sitting around will help keep exercise on your mind, you will be more inclined to use them, than if they were hidden away in the closet. Stairs are built in workout equipent! Be sure to take advantage of them

8. Get rid of "fat clothes" - If you have clothes that span  sizes; it  makes it easy to gain weight because you’re using the wide range of sizes as a safety net. Clean out your closet and get rid of the clothes that are bigger in size. For me personally, I occasionally need larger pants (For when my IBS flares up, or I'm on my period), so I have pajamas that have ribbons for waistbands so that they can fit me both when I'm feeling thin, and when I'm bloated and unwell.

9. Decorate slim
Keep magazine clippings or inspirational pictures/ quotes on your fridge. Use the visual to help you imagine how you will feel when you achieve your goal.
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