Monday, June 25, 2012

New Space

When ever my life hits a speed bump (a big change that disrupts my daily life) my automatic coping mechanism is to reinvent myself and become born again. I call this my "phoenix stage". The old me dies, a new me emerges. Well about a week after Boyfriend and I said goodbye for the final time so he could serve his mission, I was laying on my bed, looking at my room and I just sat up and thought, "I hate this place. I hate everything in it. It's ugly. I HATE it." A couple days later, I pulled everything out, and started sanding down the walls.

           At this point this was all that was left of my old was so liberating and yet so scary. I was so ready for a make over....When I got pneumonia. In June. -.- So after being side tracked for a couple weeks while my body tried to recover ,(and sleeping on the couch, because my whole room was torn up) and losing a lot of my gusto and strength- I was able to get back on the ball.
I sanded the green off the walls and painted them, I sanded down my ceiling and got rid of all those ugly-spiderwebby stalactites, My dad and I knocked out the tile on my window sill and re-cased it, then we put up crown molding, casing for my doors, laid carpet and put on base boards (all of which I also painted). I also decided I wanted new furniture- So I bought a new head board and a new vanity. The results looked something like this.

Tada! Of course there are still a few tweaks I want to make (Like hang art work in all the blank spaces), but I like this much better than what it was a month or so ago.

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