Monday, November 17, 2014

Places To ACTUALLY Get Inexpensive Clothes Online

So, I'm not actually a huge fan of online shopping as a general rule- but recently I've stumbled across a few internet stores where you can buy brand new clothes, shoes, coats, and jewelry for thrift store prices. The problem is I can never remember where I just was- and if you search "buy cheap/inexpensive clothes online" You find a bunch of shops that think $30 for a sweater is cheap. It's not.

  • 599Fashion- Everything here is $5.99 or less- even shoes! I ordered some jewelry from here. Some of it was great, some was really not. It came quickly though, with no problems.

  • 10DollarMall- Everything here is $10 or less. I have ordered from them, and had no issues with quality.
  • Aliexpress
  • Alwaysunderpay- this site is for babies/ toddlers/ little kids- or costumes (boas, wings, etc)
  • ClothesCheap
  • DressLink
  • freerunsday- these are discounted running/athletic shoes
  • Iwantlingerie Awesome place for inexpensive costumes, corsets, tights, and of course, lingerie
  • ModDeals- Not everything here is inexpensive- but...some things are really well priced
  • RoseGal
  • RoseWholesale
  • SammyDress- inexpensive place to buy everything from dresses to shoes.
  • Tiaras and jewlery
  • hair extensions and wigs

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