Thursday, April 3, 2014

Long Hair Revisited

So, I've now been on my hair growth journey for 3 months. In the past two months, my hair has become healthier and has definitely grown. I've tried some new products and want to go over my tricks- what I think is working, what I'm not so in love with- etc.

So, if you remember- this was the day I began my hair growth journey- February 1, 2014. I did the "big chop" the day before and was ready for a new start. So before I cut my hair, it was just a bit further down the breast, but still didn't touch my areolas. Now my hair skims the actual nip (sweet!) Though, honestly in pics, you can't see much difference. 

So in the beginning, I bought equates version of head and shoulders, aussie's three minute miracle conditioner, biotin, collogen, b-complex, vitamin e, fish oil gummies, gelatin capsules, multi vitamins, head and shoulders damage repair mask, pantene over night miracle creme, nexxus anti breakage serum, loreal strengthening mask.

Here's the new things I use now:
Back to basics pomegranate moisture conditioner. Buy this. Buy this now. F.A.S.T hair growth shampoo (which got rave reviews on amazon). I haven't noticed much hair growth from this, but I've been using it less than a month, and with all the other stuff I'm doing, it's hard to tell. Bottom line- my hair feels clean, but not stripped (this is a low sudsing shampoo- so less harsh detergents), my hair isn't straw like, crunchy or nasty. HNS Strong Hair mask: I stopped using HNS (Head n shoulders)  masks for a while, and my hair health declined. As soon as I bought them again, my hair bounced back. I go through it fast- but hey, it's worth it for beautiful hair. Redken Extreme Anti-snap potion: I mix this with my nexxus anti breakage serum because on it's own it makes my hair hard and crunchy. It had rave reviews on amazon. I got off to a rocky start with it- but I think it's going better now.

SUPPLEMENTS: Aloe Vera gel, Biotin, Fish oil gummies, 1 collagen tab a day, Hair Skin Nails, turmeric &cumin, Garlic

I started the aloe, turmeric, and garlic the same day- when I woke up my hair seriously looked and felt longer.

I tried some special Indian oils in my hair- but honestly I was seeing better results with my coconut oil. So now, I mix vitamin E oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil, Moroccan oil and a little bit of my Indian oils together.

I'm not sure if my hair is getting longer- since pictures don't seem to make it look that way- but I know for sure that my hair is growing because my roots are getting pretty bad on my dye job

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