Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How to Get Clear Skin Fast

I have incredibly acne prone skin. It's not oily; in fact, it's bone dry- which I find weird. Anyway, lately I've been fighting a losing battle with my skin. If I don't shower daily, and wash my hair every other day- I get horrible breakouts; even if I wash my face. Well, I had some days where I had to skip my shower; and so I ended up with a face full of horrible, angry acne..
      Normally I have a pretty reliable regime I use on my acne, but this time it didn't work, so I needed something better and stronger- and that's where my two new super products come in.

With my old regime, I often got bad acne scars. With these new products, my acne fades away into nothingness, and I have smooth skin again. Even my existing scars are diminished- and better yet; they work overnight. Pimples practically disappear by morning. Excited? Well guess what, for all three of these products it's less nine dollars (that includes tax), they last a long time, and they can be bought at Walmart. Woot!

1. Cleanse: I used to use different types of face wash. My two favorites were the Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub Deep Cleanser and Clean and Clear Morning Burst Fruit Infusions Smoothing Facial Scrub. However, because my skin is so dry, I really wanted something more moisturizing. This is hard for me, because a lot of the creamier face washes either dull my skin, make me break out, or don't rinse well. While searching I found miracle product number one: Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Soap. This is only $2.27, and can be found with the face cleansers.This product is a bar; I use it only on my face, and don't get it wet. It has lasted a long time and has not gotten mushy or fallen apart yet. It rinses well, and leaves a texture on my face that's almost a mixture of slick and sticky; but isn't unpleasant. My face feels moisturized, never dry and tight. This goes well under anything. while in the shower I also exfoliate with a body glove.

2. Treat:   This is the important one. If you only want one- this is it. I used to use Noxema triple clean face pads and/or ZapZyt- but it had gotten to the point where neither of these was doing any good, and m skin was just drying out from all the chemicals.
          I work at a place where my boss is really big on all natural stuff, and whenever a child has a bad rash, or burn, or itch, or cracked lips- she has a miracle product she uses. After seeing how great it was for rashes, I did some Internet research and decided I wanted to give it a try; and it became miracle product number two: Tea Tree Oil.
        I bought mine in liquid form. I found it in the same area as the band aids and medical supplies. It was $4.97 for a 1oz bottle; which doesn't sound like much, but you don't need a whole lot per treatment, so it lasts for a while. You can also get it in gels and stuff,though I'm not sure how much they would be or where to get them besides health stores. The liquid has worked great for me; but if you have sensitive, easily irritated skin, try mixing this with a carrier oil (like coconut or olive oil) so it doesn't burn your skin. I use the pure oil, and though it burns a little- it's not unbearable and doesn't inflame my skin. To use,  I just put a dab of the oil on a cotton pad, and smooth it over my acne. 

3. Heal: My dad had a pretty bad accident awhile back, where he cut his arm and needed several stitches. When the stitches were being removed his doctor told him that while the scar was still red- my dad should take vitamin E capsules and puncture them, then rub the oil on the site to prevent scaring. While I was picking up my a new supply of daily vitamins in walmarts vitamin aisle, I saw miracle product number three: Vitamin E Oil Stick ($1.50); I remembered what the doctor had said, so I bought it. After the tea tree oil has dried, I  smooth this over acne scars and red spots. I avoid any active acne that still has pus or is inflamed. This has helped my older acne scars too- but it works best on fresh spots- making them disappear within a few days. (For active acne, I spread a little of my favorite acne cream over it after the tea tree oil is dry)

3. Moisturize: After the other steps, I put a moisturizer on my face. At night, I use coconut oil, and during the day, I use a clearance day cream I found at walmart.

My dry spots are gone. My skin is no longer flaky or scaly, and my skin is clearer and better looking than it has been in years!

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