Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Self Improvement

It's been a while since I posted anything on here. Lately I've been working on self improvement and becoming a better and more interesting person, so hopefully I'll have a whole lot more stuff to post about soon!
      I am personally not an incredibly self motivated person, and if given my way, will end up laying in bed on pinterest all day everyday. This habit is naturally disrupted whenever I find myself in a relationship, but as of right now, I don't have one of those- so I'm on my own. The reason for my desire to switch has come because I hate feeling like I'm going nowhere with my life. I hate looking around at other people and seeing the adventure they are having- and wishing I was more like that. The main thing though is that awful, terrible question "So what's new?". I get asked this frequently, and I always am forced to say "Nothing". No one wants to hear about  the thing I saw on pinterest that someone else did.So! I have come up with a plan to kick start my life.
       First of all I made a list of things that I thought would help me to be more productive, and a list of things that I enjoy/make me happy. This list also included things I wanted to achieve (Note: All of these are short term goals). My original list was written on a paper napkin while I was at work- but the revised version looks something like this:

This is what my list consists of- each list should be personal, and tailor to your own special needs, to illustrate that- I'll explain why I chose the items I did.

1. Pick 8-12 crafts from pinterest per month; finish 2-3 per week.  From the time I was a toddler, I have loved to build and create things. I'm a very Mcguiver-esque girl, and I like to create beautiful and unique and cheap(er) things with my own two hands. I also have a pinterest addiction. I see millions of cool crafts, and think "wow, that's cool. They're so creative." No more. I will start doing my own renditions of the pinterest crafts, and of course post them here ;) bonus points if I do my own crafts.

2. Start pulling together my steampunk costumes one outfit at a time. Make a list of what I need for each costume, and sketch the design. Start work on large accessories.  My co-workers and I are going to a Steampunk convention in July, and I haven't done much work on my costume yet. I really need to crack down if I want these ready to roll by July, since I'm really going to be doing some major construction/destruction.

3. Have a computer curfew of one hour per day- I have a pinterest problem, I have a farmville problem, I have a freecell problem. Even if there is NOTHING to do on the Internet, I will waste my time there, so I have decided to allow myself a specific amount of time daily, and after that I have to find something else to do. This rule is flexible ONLY if I am using the computer/Internet to achieve something. For example, the time I am spending write now to post on my blog, does not count towards my hour limit. The hour is meant for leisure surfing, not actual work.
4. Pull out some of my stories and write in one at least 15 minutes per day- I love to write. I have been writing since I was ten, and it is something I had always hoped to pursue as a career. Unfortunately, after I met the missionary/the boyfriend and we started dating, I just stopped writing. I was more interested in stuff we could do together and in building the fantastic (two year long) relationship we shared. I want to get back into writing and actually finish something!
5.Try a new work out either daily or weekly- I am one of those pinners who is guilty of pinning tons of exercises I never use. I also tend to get into a bit of a work out rut, and only do five or so of my favorite moves. So, this is designed to make sure I try new things- which will also help me tone up better.
6. Read a new book every week- A great deal of the traffic on this blog, and the requests I get from readers is for book reviews. Unfortunately, I don't read very much anymore unless I'm sick- so I've decided to make time to read by having a goal to accomplish. I am a very fast reader. I can usually do 1.5-2 books per day, so this goal is realistic for me and easy to achieve.
7. Decide what I want to be doing in the next few months and if it involves travel. Look into the idea of a therapy/comfort dog.  I've been having a bit of a rough go of things lately (you can read about that here, if you are insatiably curious like myself) and I've been looking at my options. I don't want to see a therapist, but I've been wanting to learn coping techniques and have been considering getting a dog as a companion to help me stay calm. However, I also have the desire to travel and see and do stuff, and that isn't fair to an animal- so I need to make sure I have a plan before making any big commitments.
8. Try a new recipe every week- I am notorious for food ruts. I will sometimes only eat one specific food, every single day for months. So, this is my way of trying to expand my horizons. You never know until you try, and that new thing may be your new favorite. I'll try everything once, so this should be a good experiment for me.
9. De-clutter my room- My room is clean, it's (usually) organized, it's well decorated. But, I have TONS of stuff. I love stuff. I keep pretty much everything, usually because the things I don't keep end up being important later, and I wish I still had it- so I compensate by keeping everything. It's a problem, and possibly another OCD symptom, I don't know. So, my goal is to go through my stuff, and try to cut back on clutter and things that aren't necessary. like my mini fridge.
10. Clean out closet- I love to shop. When I was in high school I took several college courses in fashion and merchandising, as well as fashion construction and fashion merchandising. I was also on my DECA team in the fashion category- so needless to say, I love clothes. I have an entire closet in my house dedicated to my costumes. I also have a bad habit of buying a new wardrobe when ever a major change takes place (moving, break ups, etc). Due to this, I have lots of clothes that never get worn. Of course, there's a few items that I will keep even though they don't get worn (My debate/DECA suits, white button down shirts, professional heels, dressy casual tops...), but for the most part I want to only have things I love.
11. Post something on my blog every Sunday- I want to keep up with this. When I first started this blog, I was addicted. I was on it all day, everyday- but then the excitement wore off, and I stopped using it basically all together. By forcing myself to have one post a week, I will stay with this.
12. Write the missionary (known as "the boyfriend" in older posts) every Sunday- Awhile back (about 9.5 months ago) the boyfriend left to serve on an LDS mission. He is doing great, and he loves it. For awhile, I was writing him everyday, and he wrote me every week- now though we've had a few struggles and a fight or two and our communication is seriously lacking. I often find myself expecting other people to make the effort, while I do nothing. That isn't fair to anyone involved, so this is me making my effort.
13. Pray twice a day- I am religious, but sometimes my efforts are less than satisfactory, and I definitely could use the daily boost.
14. Meditate/ do relaxing stretches daily-  This is another way to help me stay calm and centered and get some exercises in.
15. Go out once a week-  This can be anything: Lunch, clubbing, mall, gym,movie, etc. The idea is to be with other people (friends, or people you will meet there) and to be doing it for enjoyment or stimulation (going grocery shopping does not count). This is a big one for me, because often times I become a hermit and lock myself in my house, and just don't come out. Often times it is because I have nothing to do, because I am, once again, relying on others to make the first move. Ultimately staying in the house results in me laying in bed on pinterest and becoming depressed.
16.Mental Challenges- The brain is basically a muscle; if you don't exercises it, you lose it. The plan here is to stimulate my brain through sudoku puzzles, word searches, cross words, and difficult reading.
17. Pick one  music video (YouTube) per month, and learn/ memorize the dance.- I love to dance. I'm not very good, especially when it comes to learning actual dances (dyslexia is awesome). So, this is my attempt to get better at something I enjoy, and to have time to do it as well. A few of my inspirations are BOA (she's so awesome), Lady Gaga, Hilary Duff.

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