Friday, March 22, 2013

New Job

So I have some interesting news that is kind of scary. Awhile back, I started looking for a night job because  WDS slowed way down and I wasn't getting enough of a cash flow to pay my bills and maintain the lifestyle that I have come to love. So instead of being reliant on my credit card, which was definitely becoming an issue, I wanted to get a second job so I could have a bit more of a disposable income.
     The night job search came up nil and I had basically given up when a friend of mine said his mother's daycare was hiring. It wasn't the night job I was hoping for, nor as much money as I was hoping for- but it was a job, and it was full time, so the money would be better than what I was currently making.
      So I went in for an interview, which went ok, but I wasn't so sure because this was only my second interview, my first one on my own (WDS is my first job, and my mom and I got hired at the same time, so we did a joint interview).
             But I got the call today! I start on Monday, and then will be training on the days I'm not working at Costco until next week, when I'll start full time. Yikes! but it should be fun, and I love babies, so hopefully it will be good

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