Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Secret Kept- By: Tatiana De Rosnay

I have a new goal of reading a book a week, and this week's book was A Secret Kept. This was a very interesting book, and was different from any other plot that I've encountered. This book was about the human experience, it was very real, very tangible. It was all about dealing with life and the ups and downs of it, and bad things happening to good people. There is a lot of focus in this book on the idea of "That kind of stuff only happens to other people. It would never happen to me." This is not a murder mystery novel, like I originally expected, nor is it really a mystery novel at all. It was well written and portrays humanity, and life in general very well. I was impressed at the knowledge of the author and her ability to handle sensitive subjects delicately. The book is often sad and moving, which I like because it makes you feel connected with the characters. The book is not incredibly fast paced, nor all that riveting- and it is a foreign (French) novel- which often makes it difficult to read/ understand. All in all, I enjoyed the book and would recommend it.

PG-13: 3/5 Death, Mild Gore, Disturbing Ideas/Thoughts, Homosexuality, Sex Scenes, Sexual References, Language, Alcohol, Smoking.

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