Thursday, February 7, 2013

L'oreal Hydra-Renewal

I've recently been on the look out for a really good facial moisturizer that will go well under makeup, since the one I use really doesn't, and I don't want to have to have separate moisturizers. I posted a facebook status about it awhile back- and I got a lot of responses (Thanks guys!) BUT....I don't have the $14-$20 to spend on a little bottle of lotion....So until I find a coupon for it, it will have to wait.
     I ended up buying  L'oreal Paris Dermo Expertise Hydra-Renewal Continuous Moisture Cream for Sensitive Skin.
From the moment I started to apply this to my skin, I knew it was a mistake. It was heavy, and greasy and made my skin feel tacky, greasy and heavy. I could practically feel my pores clogging, and sure enough, by the time I got off of work, I had a fresh crop of zits. on top of that, my skin didn't even stay moist. It dried right out and started to flake. This might be a product for you, but not for me. I have very sensitive, dry skin, and most moisturizers make me break out- so if you're like me and have delicate skin, or you want something light and gentle; this product is not for you.

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