Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Watched- by Cindy Hogan

             I recently met a first-time author at Costco named Cindy Hogan, and have started developing a friendship with her. For my Birthday this year, Cindy gave me a signed copy of her new book. I was rather surprised when I began reading “Watched”, because often the “local authors” that come to Costco to sell their books aren’t very good.  “Watched” pulled me in from the beginning, and though it is not something I would normally have picked up to read; I do admire Cindy’s ability to write and the fantastic flow throughout the book. I did have the feeling that Cindy wasn’t incredibly passionate about what she was writing, and I did feel that there were some character flaws and “irritants”- but all in all a good book. It was fast paced, fun, easy and clean. I didn’t want to put it down.

Rating: 3/5   G-PG  (Murder, alcohol exposure, kissing)

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