Monday, December 17, 2012

The Almost Moon- By Alice Sebold

              I was honestly very disappointed with this book. Alice Sebold really impressed me with the last book I read from her, and I had really high hopes for this one. Unfortunately I found it to be sporadic, disjointed, hard to follow, and a bit bland. It was tragic, yes, but that was about the only element of value the book had to offer. The beginning of the book did very little to draw me in, and I found that that pattern continued throughout most of the novel. It was not a very engaging or thrilling read, and the ending felt very anti-climactic and flimsy. I was also bothered by how much smut was in this book. Swearing for effect or style is one thing- but vulgar language simply for the sake of proving you can use vulgar language; to me is classless and deminishes both the value of the novel, and the author.

Rating: 2/5    R (Sex, Violence, Nudity, Murder, Gore, LOTS of Language)

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