Saturday, November 24, 2012

Chandy Envy

So awhile back, after Boyfriend and I separated so he could serve an LDS mission- I decided that I hated my bedroom and everything in it and that I wanted to make MAJOR changes (you can view that post here). Well after I had completely redecorated my room, I had one small issue.
 My light fixture. I have had this light fixture since the first time I remodeled my bedroom, when I was 16. But now, the modern looking fixture with triple revolving arms looked very out of place. Due to a fluke in my light, generic bulbs wouldn't fit with the decorative bowls on- so when I had to change out my bulbs- I was stuck with the ugly "bare-bulb" look. I wanted to have a elegant, beautiful chandelier for my posh new space- but that desire created problems of it's own:
 1. I hate hate HATE dark rooms. I like as much light as possible, and I prefer "natural sunlight" style bulbs so that my environment is always bright and cheery. Unfortunately, most chandeliers have low-watt, candle style bulbs that are not very bright, don't come in natural light, and their aren't very many bulbs. 2. I have a really low ceiling. My house was built somewhere in between the 70's and the 80's, and low flat ceilings were very in. This is not an issue for me, because I'm very short, but my light fixture is smack-dab in the middle of the room (the walkway area) and anyone over 5'7 would have to duck the light every time they passed by. (Boyfriend was about 6' ...can you see how these things would be problematic?) In the past, I have hung things from my light fixture for a little pizazz (for the first room it was guitar picks, the second time it was white and red mini paper cranes.) So as usual, my McGuiver senses started tingling and I head over to Walmart to explore. My first attempt went bad, not going to lie there, but the second time I was smarter. I chose cheap mulit faceted crystal beads from the craft section and separated the sizes

after that, I got fishing line, and a sewing needle and began the task of stringing the beads. This part was really tedious and took a lot of patience.

This part took me several days and about 2 packs of beads. When I finished stringing the beads in the right lengths and patterns, I cut them into individual pieces and attached them to my light in layers, shortest ones first on the outside rim, then medium also along the outside rim. Next I put long ones on the inner rim, tied extra long ones to each of the arms, and to the middle and added a pendant I got on clearance from Shopko's Christmas bin. 

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