Friday, April 27, 2012

Cloud Wig

My boyfriend decided that he wanted to dress up as Cloud from Final Fantasy for the Japanese Festival. Cool right? Well then he decided to ask me to make him a wig. Still not seeing the problem? Well I'd never made a wig before, and oh yeah, he asked me to make it late THURSDAY night. The Festival was Saturday morning. SO. I took a cheap blond wig I had already in my costume closet, some hairspray, spray dye, spray adhesive, scissors, and bobby pins and this is what I came up with.

At this point I was just barely getting started and completely overwhelmed. Cloud's hair is pretty complicated, and the wig I was working with left ALOT to be desired.
My face pretty much says it all. The process was long, tiring, frustrating and AWFUL. The things we do for love, right?
So We're finally starting to see some progress. Boyfriend was really happy with how it was going, but I was getting upset because at this point I was still trying to use hairspray and extra hold gel.
After awhile (and the discovery of spray adhesive) I realized that I was starting to literally glue the thing to Boyfriend's we went back to the store for a mannequin head
Mostly done now, just doing a final fitting and letting it dry. Not going to lie, he wore this around for awhile and sent pictures to everyone he knew.
And ta-da, the finished product, complete with my Misa cosplay.

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