Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Guide to Showers & Bachelorette Parties- Why Parties & Guests Are Your Friends

This is going to sound totally rude- but its true, so, Sorry, but I'm not sorry.

A lot of brides will skip the bridal shower or the bachelorette party. Don't.

  • You aren't hosting or paying for these parties (at least you shouldnt be)- so it won't hurt your budget
  • You spent all that time and effort making registries. More parties=more gifts.  (Rude huh)

There's a movie I saw that says "I guess it [in reference to wedding gifts] is like a investment fund, we put money in, that we hope to get back some day when we get married."

pretty much, it's a circle of life- and honestly I'm pretty broke. I need some stuff I can't really afford, and all the help I can get is great.

Have Showers and a bachelorette party: For some reason when I was growing up, I always thought you had either or. But the idea of inviting my wild and crazy friends to a shower with my aunts made me cringe (trust me, I already know the kinds of gifts they'll get) and visa versa. Then I had the revolutionary idea: Why not have both. Invite the more civilized people to a sophisticated shower- then get crazy with your girls later. As a bonus, I've made sure to let them know they're gifts are acceptable at the bachelorette party ;)

Let People Throw You Showers: Obviously my MoH was going to throw me a shower. But then my co-worker decided she wanted to throw one too...And while I was out delivering invites a Lady in my ward decided she wanted to throw me a ward shower (other girls had gotten them, and she didn't want me to fall through the cracka and be left out; which is very sweet) And I told them all yes. More showers=more guests which= more presents. Plus that way, one person won't be overwhelmed by having to host EVERYONE on my list all at once.

Have Fun!! I'm really excited for my parties (particularly my bachelorette party) because no one has ever thrown me a party before. I usually have to do all the work- and believe it or not it sounds kind of nice to get to be the center of attention and not have to worry about being a hostess, or set up or costs. Also, I haven't seen most of these people in a long time/ don't get to see them often. I'm excited to chat and relaxe with people I know and love. And of course, I'm excited to binge, laugh, hang out and party with my girls like the good ol' days. Since we grew up and became adults, we haven't done much of that.

Make Sure the Hostess Knows What You Want I'm by nature a non-conformist. I hate being forced into doing things- and shower games are for sure NOT my thing. I think they are lame and stupid. In my pinteresting though, I have found some ideas I like. If you have stuff you want and don't want- let your hostess know

Have A Scribe appoint someone as record keeper. Have them write down the item , giver and what party (bachelorette, wedding, shower) you recieved it at. This will make things a million times easier when it comes time for thank you cards- especially if you recieve multiple gifts from that person.

Invite Everyone. While my reception and wedding are researved for close friends, family, and other special people- pretty much everyone I have ever met has been invited to my showers. That way if they come, more gifts. If they don't, oh well- but at least they feel included.

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