Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

For anyone who's new here, and hasn't read my blog; I work at a daycare taking care of infants. My current charges range from 12 months-18 months. Because I am the teacher, it is up to me to come up with, plan, and execute all projects and parent gifts for holidays, such as Mother's Day. I figure the best gifts a day care child can give is one they made, since that's the only way it will really have meaning. I love my little rascals to death, but art....well it's not their strong point because they are so young.  My oldest can grasp crayons and pens, and he loves to color, but none of the others have that figured out yet.
    As I was waiting for something really cool to hit me, I realized that it was Friday. Mother's day was Sunday. Crap. So I racked m brain for easy, simple, cheap projects. I remembered one I had seen on Pinterest, and decided it was my best bet, so off I went to the Dollar Store on my lunch break to pick up some frames and some cute wrapping paper (I ended up with a zoo paper, to match my zoo themed nursery room).
       After my little love bugs had woken up from their naps, I took plain paper and some paint pads (also purchased from the Dollar Store), got their hands inked up, and then pressed them onto the paper. They were not very happy about this, and let me know it (it was fussy day already anyway -.-).
     Little note, keep an eye on babies during this. if you don't this WILL happen
 she rubbed it alllllll over (on the  walls too, yikes) anyway- it turned out like this
the part that's screwed up is where I put their names

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