Monday, May 6, 2013

ELF Makeup Lock & Seal

I love this stuff! it had mixed reviews on the website, but I decided to buy it anyway, and I have been really happy with it. I like to go dancing, which is really sweaty! Well, though I love my eyeliner, it does have one downside, it smudges easily. If I'm not careful my eyeliner will melt and make my eyes look puffy and baggy. Normally I use a loose powder under my eyes to hold it in place, but even then, it can start to excape.

Enter the lock and seal. this stuff STAYS put. seriously, I sweep just a little bit of this over my lids and my lash lines, and when I come home, several sweaty hours later, my makeup looks good as new! Yay!

Well, I decided to issue the Makeup lock and seal a new challenge. The other day a friend came to see me for lunch and see said these words "Wow, you're unusually made up for the daycare aren't you? You don't usually wear full makeup here." ...I was wearing the same makeup that I wore everyday. When I informed him of this, he said "Well, maybe it's just been an easier day so it hasn't all worn off as fast." Yikes. I thought I'd looked ok...
   So what I decided to do was to put on full makeup, put on a coat of lock and seal, and see how well it held up to eight hours of chasing around one year olds. Dancing? easy. Playing  "mommy" for four infants? HARD.

Freshly applied Makeup 9:30
After an hour at work 10:30

Play time 2:30
Lunch Time 1:00

Outside Time 4:00

Closing Time 6:00

Hair Appointment 6:30
Home 8:00

Bedtime- about to wash my makeup off 11:30
Village Inn with the guys 9:00

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