Saturday, March 9, 2013

SteamPunk Bag

For the con, I'm wanting a bag for  to carry around for snacks, money, ID, water bottles, my camera, phone, and things that I buy. I don't want the bag to distract from my costume however, so I needed to find something that would be a bag my character would carry. I was wanting something large, slouchy, and over-the-shoulder- across-the-body (like a messenger bag). My searches at the DI were coming up nil, and I was starting to think I might have to make it myself, until I found this.

 It was not as big as I wanted, and the material was different from what I'd been imagining, but it had some good features, was sturdy, and the leather would go with my outfit just fine. The strap wasn't very long but it could kind of adjust- so I bought it. It was very plain, so I decided to doll it up. I had bought a "Leveling Kit" from Walmart, I used that, upholstery nails and plumbers chain to decorate the bag.

First, I attached a hanger thingy to the handle of the purse with hot glue, then I poked upholstery nails through the holes, used a hammer to flatten the sharp end down, and secured it with hot glue. I then hooked the chain to a hook on one end of the purse strap, ran it through this loop, through the loop already on the bag handle, then used an old earing to attach to the other end of the handle.

then I took the level and glued the contraption to the flap of the purse, right over the hidden catch. I hammered those little rabbit ear things down flat. I took some necklace chain and used jump rings to attach it to the included nails that went with the level. I pushed the nails through the fabric, then hammered them down flat.

 Finally I put another one of those loop thing on the top center of the flap, and pushed the upholstery nails through it. I ran a chain through the loop, and sewed the chain to the top of the flap on either side.              
Once again, it is completely impossible to craft anything without the help and supervision of a certified cat.

I finally had to pick her up so that I could get a picture. She didn't think that was very nice. Anyway, here's one WITHOUT the cat.


  1. Love it! I'm trying to redesign a bag I have into something a little more exciting...I LOVE your ideas!!!

  2. I'm glad you like it! I will hopefully be posting a lot more steampunk goodies in the near future too.