Sunday, February 10, 2013

Improve Your Life

I often find myself falling into ruts in my life. I was diagnosed with psychotic depression as a teen, and sometimes I feel like I let that get in the way of me improving and building my life. I spend a lot  of time on pinterest (as anyone who has read my blog knows all too well), and while on there I found a few very cool articles that help in the process of building and improving quality of life and life style.

The first one is called Sixty Small Ways To Improve Your Life In One hundred Days. The basic idea is you take a one hundred day challenge to improve your life. I loved this article because it breaks your life down into eight different sections: Home, Happiness, Learning/Personal Development, Finances, Time Management, Health, Relationships, Social. Then in each category, it gives you different mini-challenges to accomplish in one hundred days. At the end of the One hundred day challenge, each section of your life will have greatly improved. All of these are easy enough, and accomplishable- and yield a big impact

The second one is called The Dalai Lama's Eighteen Rules For Living. This provides some really good tips for a happier, more balanced and peaceful life. Most of us know how wise and happy the Dalai Lama is- and in my opinion, he always has great advice. Most of these tips address our personal mindset, verses actually changing/doing something physical.

The final one I'm going to share today is called How To Be More Interesting In Ten Simple Steps. This one is oriented towards leaving the boring life rut and becoming an exciting fascinating person who enjoys life, and that other people want to be around. There are some really great tips, and all of it is pretty true. It's blunt, straight forward and honest, which I loved.

So those are my inspirations for self improvement! I hope you enjoy them and find them helpful. If you have any self improvement sites or advice to share, please feel free!

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