Sunday, May 2, 2010


Nothings how it used to be
I’m changing far too fast
And I’m starting to realize
I’m in a fantasy that just can’t last
I do anything, even lie
But it’s just so wrong
That it can’t be right
The thought of your love
Keeps me up all night
And it feels so broken
With every new harsh word spoken
It’s like we’re a puzzle
Two parts of a whole-
Just not conjoining pieces
And it’s almost like
We’re forcing something
That we both know could never work
And even though I miss you
A little more each day
I know I’ve got to learn
When to stand up for what I mean.
So even though it kills me-
We were never meant to be
There’s no me and you
Or you and me
You don’t understand,
What it is I am
When you look into my eyes
So forget the tears
That lovers cry
This the last goodbye

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