Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blind Sight

In the beginning of the end
When darkness sheds its light
Deaths passionate life
Will shed forth the birth of an unborn soul
This bright despair that gives dim hope
Shall lead mankind to a beautiful disaster.
Oh how
Insanity’s normalities
Will kindly guide you astray
To the heights of hell
And the depths of heaven
Where the bright black
Mixes with the dark white
To create a ghostly in-between.
And in this cleanliness of filth,
As you agonize
From the burning of the cold-
The bitter sweet and loving hate
Will always take you back
Back to the future’s past.
In the end of this beginning,
Will your strengths be weak?
Will darkness then swallow your light
That you have fought so hard to keep-
Or will your warmth turn cold?
Now you stand
On the outside of the inside
Where things are neither
Here nor there;
And existence does not exist;
Everything is backwards-
The right side now your left,
You must make it out of nothing,
You must make it out alive.
And then my dearest little foe,
You must win the never ending battle
So the desolate may have hope.
So march on my motionless soldier
Still sleeping in your cradle-
Scream out in your soft whisper.
The pleasures of despair
Will lead you
To a realm of a peaceful chaos
And then, only then
Will fate give you a say
For then,
Your only choice to make
Is when your last breath
To take

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