Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Beauty Flops

This is a list of products that I wish I hadn't bought, but I did.There are many many more than the few I've listed, of course, and maybe I will do another one of these posts later on, but for now- here's the top things I will never buy again.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser- Everyone made this product sound like such a good idea. It's supposedly great for all skin types, dermatologist recommended, blah blah. The minute I used this, my skin became so dry it started to crack when I would talk, and peel off. I literally couldn't move my face because it hurt so bad- and to top it off, within a few hours, I'd started developing large, angry red pimples.
E.L.F Zit Zapper- I bought this while I was browsing through the ELF section at Target. Even though it was only a dollar, I wish I hadn't bought it. This product did absolutely nothing to help my pimples, in fact, it made them worse and created more.
Equate Oil-Free Ultra Gentle Facial Moisturizer- I was looking for a gentle moisturizer that would provide my face with much needed moisture, without causing me break outs. Unfortunately, this was not the lotion I was looking for. This product burned my sensitive and dry skin, went on liquidy without much coverage, felt kind of greasy, didn't absorb well and next morning- tada! zits all over my face, with my skin just as dry.

E.L.F TintedMoisturizer- I thought this moisturizer would be convenient, since I could skip the foundation step- but the very lightest color was way too intense for my skin, and the color looked patchy and unnatural. guess I'll have to stick to clear lotions for awhile.
Rimmel Fix and Perfect-  I used this product for a long time, and it's not that I hate it, it definitely does what it is supposed to- but it is such a dark, over powering color that it changed the way my skin looked under makeup and made me look too intense. It also didn't last all that long, and while it did smooth the tone of my skin, I find that gels provide a much better base for your makeup than creams do.
E.L.F. Concealer- this basically did absolutely nothing. It was thin, didn't cover anything, didn't build well and didn't blend well. It looked really unnatural and strange under my makeup, and gave my skin a weird, rough texture. It only made my blemishes worse in the end too.
L'oreal True Match Foundation- I have a hard time finding good foundations for my skin, which I've mentioned before, so I'm always on the prowl for a good foundation. I bought this and ended up throwing the whole bottle away. First of all it was too watery and slimy. The consistency was bad, and it didn't blend very well. The "True Match" part didn't lie...unfortunately, it matched my skin and tone so perfectly, that I looked chalkboard white. It didn't offer any pigmentation or tones that my skin didn't have- and all day for the few days I wore it people kept asking if I was sick or wasn't sleeping well because I was so pale.
Rimmel Clean Finish- I used this a couple times, but it was a pretty obvious flop. For some reason all the makeups I've tried that say "clean" in the title feel greasy, look shiny and unnatural, don't blend well, look patchy and are too thin and liquidy...I wasn't impressed with the way this made my skin look. It gave it bad texture and just looked bad.

Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam- I actually really liked this foundation. It starts out as a foamy mousse and as you start to use it, it becomes a really thin, easy to apply liquid. It blended well enough and had great color....BUT, whenever any moisture touched it (tears, rain, setting spray, hair spray, etc) it would create pock marks in the finish, washing away instantly wherever the moisture had hit. this was not good in the summer at ALL. I liked it fine except that downside; but since that was a pretty big deal breaker, I had to move on.

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Correcting Kit- I was having a lot of problems with acne at the time, and I'd bought the Physicians Formula Clear Complexion kit and loved it, so I figured "Why not?" no. Just no. Their correcting palette made my skin a weird unnatural shade, and made all my makeup look powdery and off. The concealer wasn't bad, but it's thin, kind of transparent and doesn't build well. The shimmer is too bold and too pink, and doesn't blend very well. I wasn't too happy with this kit, and didn't end up using it.

Physicians Formula Magic Mosaic Multi- Colored Bronzer- Another Physicians blunder I made (I made quite a few of these). The bronzer sounded like a good idea- customizable color all in one palate....but instead it was hard to use, it made me look like I had fake baked- not natural at all- if I used the darker colors, and made absolutely no difference in my skin tone if i used lighter colors. I wasn't a fan of this at all, and found a much better bronzer with a similar concept.
E.L.F. High Definition Powder- I'd of course heard all the HD powder hype, and since HD powders are expensive, I decided to give this one a shot...I was not impressed. It left my skin looking powdery and cakey, not smooth at all, and it gave me an unnatural weird glow and texture. It was a bit better if I sprayed setting spray over it, but not much
 L'oreal Power Volume- Volume? no. Ugly huge clumps and lashes that stuck together? yes.
Cover Girl Exact Eyelights- This mascara is supposed to add highlights to make your eyes really pop. It was kind of pricey, but I decided to try it. Big waste. I noticed absolutely no difference at all.

Maybelline Volume Express The Falsies Black Drama- I just wasn't impressed. There was no real added drama, my eyelashes didn't look glamorous or "fake" they looked clumpy and weighed down with product from a huge, bulky brush. I tried cleaning it up, but the mascara itself is too thick.
L'oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Diamonds- WASTE OF MONEY!! This mascara is supposed to have flecks of glitter in it for a glitzy, glamorous holiday look. It looks just like any other mascara. There's no noticeable sparkle, and it clumps and doesn't go on well at all. NEVER buying this again.
Rimmel Scandaleyes- This product is ok by itself. The lashes stay soft, and even though there's clumps, you can comb them out. However- this product does not play nicely with other mascara. That just makes a clumpy, sticky disaster.

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